Feeling the Strain!

photo (8)
Andy opens the fridge draped in a double-sized quilt and little else. He takes out a block of cheese and hands it to me. I unwrap it as quickly as possible as he noisily makes his frustrations known. I cut a slice to the dimensions he usually prefers but this has now changed it appears. He hands the slice back to me angrily. I try again cutting thicker this time. His wail lets me know I am wrong again. He storms off his displeasure showing no consideration for those still asleep in the house.
It is now 7.30am and Andy has been awake for two hours. Soon I will escape out to my work leaving Jen to take the strain. I feel guilty about looking forward to work.
We have had a couple of bad days and the positivity has temporarily evaporated. The school holidays are always difficult. Andy has been agitated for a couple of days now and although it does appear to be improving, we are all feeling the strain. After taking steps to rule out anything else it appears that Andy is experiencing a period of increased sensory sensitivity. We think it might be visual and possibly associated with the brighter conditions but it is impossible to tell for sure. He has been in his room for the best part of two days with the curtains closed to the daylight. We have been here before of course and will be again I guess, but at least we know it will pass.
The picture this week is a personal favourite. It shows Andy in a quiet moment enjoying the spring sunshine on his window seat. The seat was built by a good friend for my precious boy. This picture reminds me of all the positive things about autism. Sometimes you have to hang on to these!


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