The Journey.

I remember the diagnosis day so well
Three severe faces with bad news to tell
The tears we shed for what might have been
Now, several years later into a life unforeseen
How are we doing? What can I say?
Like others we’re surviving, finding a way.
Now life is not easy, but is not short on joy
Thanks to my gorgeous and precious boy
There are challenges and difficulties every day
Resources to fight for, but we’re now up for that fray
To care for my son is now our main role in life
The trials and tests, the upset and strife
The laughter and happiness, the way we adapt
To this winding journey that will not be mapped
But each milestone he reaches in his own special way
Brings pride and happiness that words can’t portray.
True friends we have found who have shown they care
But many others not willing, our troubles to share.
We follow a path impossible to know,
Trying our hardest, and learning as we go.
Looking ahead we hope for a future that’s bright
For our precious wee boy who has every right
To live in a world without discrimination and pain
For this to happen would be society’s gain!

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