A Tough Week!

Some weeks leave you wondering how you survived! We usually consider what we have on and try not to be over ambitious with our plans. It’s safer that way and we have a better chance of achieving our modest goals. This week has just got silly though. First of all we are in the process of toilet training with Andy. This had been in the planning process (again) but was brought forward due to his refusal to wear pads with any regularity. It is going fairly well I have to say, without going into too much detail, but the increase in laundry and cleaning and supporting him is relentless. We had planned a week consolidating the progress already made and knowing that on top of all the other tasks our week involves that would be plenty.
On Monday morning we awoke to two vans of workmen coming to carry out two separate jobs that had been booked for a while. One job was a new fence in the garden to stop Andy disappearing and the other was essential roof and guttering work. We were in the middle of the morning school routine when the workers arrived. They had materials and equipment to drop off, scaffolding to put up and specifications and details they wanted clarified. Andy was not having a great morning and had been awake very early, when he tried to get into bed with David causing a fair bit of disruption to everyone. He was now tired, grumpy and 
uncooperative. He was throwing food about and refusing to wear clothes. We survived the first part of the morning but worse was to follow. Recently Andy has developed a new habit of wanting doors, cupboards, drawers etc left open. It appears to be something of a challenge to being confined anywhere and an attempt to impose some degree of control on his environment. The back door then required to be left open and it was not long before he had ventured outside to explore what was going on. Of course there was danger everywhere and lots of things he wished to explore! This went on for what was a very long day indeed. We did attempt to break things up with trips to the swimming pool, park and runs in the car but he was really struggling with the changes to his environment and the ongoing work. This has been going on all week and on top of this I have been “project managing” or negotiating with the tradesmen. The rising costs of the work were breaking the bank and progress has been really slow as workers kept disappearing for long periods. To be honest the stress has been horrendous. Midweek we received news that a close relative had been hospitalised and was quite poorly. Andy travelled with us to the hospital and the trip was at least a break from the home situation. This morning Andy was awake early again. His bed was wet and he was upset. I turned the mattress over as a quick solution and attempted to make up the bed but that was not right. It appears that for Andy that was not how it should be regardless of the fact that he wanted to go back to bed. He became upset and loud. He woke everyone up and stormed off downstairs. I joined him in the lounge. We cuddled up and laughed together. I then remembered it was his 8th birthday.
It’s been a tough week for all of us although many have graver worries and concerns I know and we will muddle through. Happy Birthday my precious boy.


One thought on “A Tough Week!

  1. I can identify with so much of this being a parent of a very similar child. ((Hugs)) to you all. Even neurotypical children (and parents) can struggle with weeks like this xxx

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