IPad versus I Dad

Found this from a while back but IPad still as popular as ever with Andy. Hope it gives you a chuckle!
Ipad versus “I Dad”
Many autism parents and children have come to rely heavily on the Apple Ipad for leisure and educational/ communicative purposes (oh and just for getting 10 minutes to ourselves!!) In this short article “Mr. Logic” reviews (compares and contrasts) ”I Dad” for magazine “Autism Super Parent”.
1. The Ipad is a relatively expensive gadget, subject to frequent new editions, constantly improving in function and design.
2. The “I Dad” on the other hand is cheap but rather dated, while aesthetically it could do with a major rethink.
3. Both devices have been shown to cause major tantrums and “problematic” behaviours at times and are reported to be able to withstand a degree of rough treatment. A thick, protective skin is recommended to ensure the function and longevity of both devices.
4. Similarly both devices are relatively low maintenance (when treated reasonably). On this trial the Ipad required no input while the “IDad” kept running on mainly cold convenience food and an odd beer.
5. While both devices take an eternity to charge, Ipad performs consistently until out of charge. “IDad”s performance drops off dramatically when run down.
6. Both devices are highly touch sensitive but “IDad” also responds to earth-shattering wails and screams.
7. When both the Ipad and the “IDad” stopped working major problems where experienced –including physical violence and major structural damage.
Ipad- expensive, sleek, smart and reliable- 4 stars
“IDad”- Cheap, slow, tired but resilient, upgrade desperately needed- 2 stars.

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