Why Carers need respite!

I arrived home from work at 5 pm and immediately took over supervising Andy in the bath where he is engrossed in water play. This lets Jen continue with making the tea. After half an hour I can only coax him out of the bath by offering him a run in car. I spend the next 40 mins driving around Dunoon while Jen and the others get their tea. On our return Andy won’t enter the house but wants to stay in the front garden exploring. Jen comes out with cup of tea and juice for Andy. She supervises him in the the garden while I get my evening meal. I finish my meal and Jen has managed to get Andy inside. He is now upstairs in the bedroom running about energetically. He knocks down some books of David’s and then wants to go back to the bathroom to play with water. He goes into the bathroom and plays with the sink taps spraying water all around. By half past 7 he is now back in bath. I use the time he is playing in the water to have a quick shave while supervising him. Just after 8 I have a first unsuccessful attempt to get Andy out of bath. I finally succeed at 8.15pm and get him up to bed. Jen has just made up his bed and sits upstairs supervising Andy while I wash up downstairs and begin sorting washing and tidying the general mess. We give Andy his melatonin after a struggle and find out his bed is wet. Together we change the bed and get him back in. He is now more settled and is sleeping by 9.30pm. Great! Except he is wet again. I half lift, half roll him out of bed and hold him while Jen changes his bed. He resettles quickly as I take another mountain of washing down stairs. I put on the washing and then sit with David for a wee while before he goes to bed at about 10 pm. Helen is already settled as she will be woke up early in the morning by Andy. I have just got time for a quick bath before crawling into bed. Jen is also shattered as she has been with Andy and the other kids all day.


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