Birthday Blog!

Birthday Blog
Today we had our annual trip to Bute for Jen’s birthday. I find it hard to believe that it’s a year since I wrote about last years trip! The blog from last year does however let me consider the changes a year has made.
First though let me say happy birthday to my wonderful wife. Like many mums Jen is selfless and realistic about life with our family. Today she wanted nothing more than to spend some quality time with her children and to try and get a picture of her three kids smiling at the same time – never an easy task! After breakfast in bed and some gifts and cards, we all got ready and into the car. A few weeks into the school holidays and it is getting tougher to keep smiles on everyone’s face such are the dynamics of family life but the sun was shining and it was great to get away. As always we kept the plan simple- visit Ettrick Bay for lunch and a play on the beach then go into Rothesay to visit the Castle. We managed all of this with the usual tweaks to accommodate Andy and I know that Jen was satisfied with our trip. As usual it was hard work and required patience and flexibility but we did it!

So to compare and contrast with our precious boy between this year and last. He is certainly bigger and becoming more determined to impose his will! The big difference this year is really around his toilet training. Last year was easy in this respect as he was still in pads. This year we had even more spare clothes with us. We had a few accidents and quick changes but at least it’s progress. His anxiety about the ferry has virtually gone and the short crossings went well, as did the run in the car. Lunch at the beach cafe once again became carry out food in the car but he did come in and have a look around the place at least. He was happy to have a go in the play park then return to the car for lunch. He really enjoyed a milkshake and some curly fries but decided against the burger. Jen sat with him in the car after lunch to allow David and Helen to play on the beach for a while as Andy once again steadfastly refused to go onto the shore. Later in town we visited the castle and it went fairly well. He spent a long time mapping the place out and really enjoyed a packet of crisps that he shared with the gulls. He more than tolerated another call into the beach cafe on our way home for some lovely ice cream. He played on the slide at the beach play park and waited patiently in line to take his turn with the other children. This was great to see and Jen was really pleased about this part of the outing.
On our return Andy was a little out of sorts and once again it required Jen’s skill at handling our precious boy to get us through the evening routine. I’m afraid I was a bit worn out and full of hay fever but birthday or not the show must go on and Jen got us across the finish line.
Oh and did we get that picture? Well I think we did! Happy Birthday to our awesome autism mum! X


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