The grass is sometimes greener!

This week’s offering comes all the way from the beautiful island of Lismore where we are having a few days relaxation with friends. Andy is away for a short respite break and he is having a really enjoyable time by all accounts. After the events of the last week we all need some rest and relaxation. We are having the type of break that I always hoped we would be having as a family. Just a sort of laid back, no firm plans, simple type of trip in a beautiful, quiet and remote island. Walking, exploring, messing about in the water, not caring about the weather or when or what we eat. Quality time with my other two- a priceless bike trip, bonding with my oldest on his 10th birthday. Late nights, lie ins unstructured time without a planned itinerary. No internet or fancy activities or services. Last night a family we only just met had become good friends to our kids and we rounded the evening off with them singing a song for us!
As I reflect I realise that these are the very things that we can never normally do due to autism’s affect and it makes it all the sweeter!


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