Waiting for my boy!

Andy has been away a couple of nights and I’m rested and looking forward to seeing him as I write this. He is a wee bit late arriving and I have been dashing about cleaning and organising and getting things ready – trying to fit in all the wee extra tasks that are difficult when he’s here. I can’t really settle because I’m so desperate to see him. When I finally see him his wee smile just melts my heart. It’s suddenly all giggles and mischief again and although it can be such hard work I do really miss him when he’s away. Jen has been away visiting her brother and his family with our other two and this left Andy and I on our own most of Friday and Saturday. David and Helen have been excited about their trip for a while and they had a great time with their cousins doing fun things that would have been impossible with their brother. We had a fairly decent time here though and I managed better than usual because I could give him my undivided attention. We bonded really well and Andy was not upset at all. What I should point out is that I am a bit of a soft touch with Andy and boy does he know it! We had a bit of a laid back time and he really enjoyed running rings round me. He was also so affectionate. We sat together cuddled up and I got loads of kisses and cuddles too. Now before I get told off by Jen and Nuala ,who work so hard to keep the structure that allows Andy to achieve so much, I would just point out that it was a boy’s weekend and the rules are different! I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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