Hope for the future!

We are the parents of a beautiful and precious 8 year old boy who has severe autism. He has a globalised developmental delay and a range of complex needs. In order to meet these needs our ability to work has been reduced severely and we now rely on benefits to supplement our income. At the same time the demands on us have never been greater. We embrace our roles in life and are positive about our task even though we are constantly tired and our own health has been affected.
As a family we have a range of very basic and minimal supports that often leave us struggling to survive emotionally, financially and physically. The struggle for these basic supports has at times been immense and draining of what energy we have
left. As unpaid carers we estimate that we easily save the taxpayer in excess of £100,000 annually. Life for all carers is tough. We are just one of thousands in similar situations. Despite this the austerity cuts being imposed by all of the Westminster parties are being unfairly applied to the very people who can afford it least. Those living with disability make soft targets. They are often ill equipped to fight back and have voices that cannot be heard.
And yet we are an industrious nation rich in natural resources. Gifts that should rightly be used for the betterment of all our peoples are directed to the benefit of the rich and powerful while child poverty increases and vulnerable groups have benefits and services cut to the bone.
We hope in our lifetime to see a major redistribution of wealth in our country. We desperately want a fairer society for our children’s future.
We do not want to live in a society where the media is controlled by those in power and manipulates public opinion to vilify the vulnerable, the sick and those with disabilities to further their unfair austerity agenda.
We do not want to live in a society that is primarily about looking after yourself and getting ahead whatever the cost to our fellow citizens.
We do not want to live in a society where we spend billions on weapons of mass destruction or keep unelected peers in luxury and high status.
We do not want to be governed by an out of touch and often corrupt administration that we did not vote for as an nation.
We firmly believe that to have any chance of making these things happen we need to take control of our own affairs as a nation. We require a proper democratic process that allows us to form a government that listens and responds to ALL of its citizens needs.
As parents and unpaid carers these are the reasons we will vote YES.


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