A happy ending!

Today was the final day of our wee break and it all worked out very well although we are all very tired tonight. The day started with an hour to pack up and move out of our beautiful accommodation. Due to late nights we were all sleepy and I was a bit sore and stiff due to slipping while out rambling with Jen the previous day. (On reflection I was really lucky as I only ended up with bruising and some minor abrasions after slipping on a wet bit of wood on an embankment. If I had broke something we would have been in big trouble!) Anyway we got packed up and out and went off to do some geocaching around the hills behind the Hydro. David and Helen really enjoyed themselves and managed to track down three caches. It was exciting and great fun as well as being healthy. At one cache we stopped for a bit of climbing in the Scot’s Pines and Helen discovered a “money tree.” This old Scot’s Pine had coins hammered into its trunk and branches. We were not sure what it was about (anybody know?) but it caused much excitement and pride for Helen! After lunch we left Perthshire and drove West to Helensburgh to collect our precious boy. On the drive through Helen tired of playing computer games and composed a story that she wrote in her book. It was called The Plum Tree and was all about a little girl picking plums. She asked for help with the spelling but it was largely her own work. We had a quiet chuckle when Jen asked her how she had managed to think up such a brilliant story. ” Oh plum is much easier to spell than orange!” she told us.
We were greeted with the most beautiful smiles and love from a very happy and relaxed Andy. ( another highly professional and reassuring performance from Sense Scotland! Thank you so much!) Andy is continuing to make good progress, particularly with using the toilet and we are so proud of him.
And now we are back in Dunoon and slowly getting back into our routines. We have done the tea and baths and dealt with a “toilet incident” or two. Although we are tired tonight and I am sore from slipping we had a great wee break. I had some great quality time with my big boy. We climbed and swam and laughed and talked. We are on a good footing just now and he has clearly enjoyed having his dad for a while. I have had great fun with Helen too. We watched a film every night, all of us as a family. We laughed and talked and had loads of snacks and stayed up late. I also had time with my wife to talk and walk, to have a meal and a beer. I had forgotten how much I enjoy her company! It has done is all the world of good and will hopefully sustain us through the dark nights ahead.


3 thoughts on “A happy ending!

  1. Sorry was on phone. Thank you Helen , you’re my No.1 Fan! (Only, lol) We had a very good break thanks and everything worked out very well. Looking forward to catching up soon and hearing about London xx

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