A great response!

As you all know I guess, raising awareness about autism has become something of an obsession for me. Generally I find people extremely receptive if it is put in the right way and at the right time. The idea of making the world a better place for our children is a fundamental duty of parents. For autism parents the challenge is that bit more difficult but the rewards can also be greater. Recently Andy has shown a keenness to visit a local holiday centre. We pass it on our regular runs in the car and Andy will reach out to me to indicate that he would like to go there. When we go in he has a fairly set routine. He likes to dash through the place stoping to look at the swimming pool and then explore all the arcade games in the big hall. From here he will have a quick go on the soft play before going to the cafe for a milkshake. This week we have been there at least twice. On the first visit I asked the assistant for a milkshake. He asked me what flavour. I asked the young man if he could show both strawberry and chocolate milkshakes to Andy to let him choose. The guy looked at me a little confused but got both shakes from the cabinet. I presented them to my boy and he chose the chocolate one today. I explained to the assistant that Andy has autism and is non verbal but still had preferences. The assistant was great and now understood. Fast forward two days and we are all in the same situation. As we approached the cafe the assistant saw us and presented both options for Andy to choose from. As he was getting our change he said with a smile,” autism, right?”
Step by step, little by little we can all make a difference. 😀


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