A great week!

Well it’s 6.30 pm now and I haven’t yet prepared anything for Inspired by Autism tonight. It’s been a busy old day in a busy old week. Normally I write on the ferry going to work but it was a bit rough today! I had a few different ideas this week so please accept the ad hoc nature of this post!
Firstly I would like to praise my precious boy for the great progress he has displayed this week with the help of Nuala and various other accepting and understanding people. Andy enjoyed his first Halloween outing on Friday and with support he went around the neighbours guising (or trick or treating!) Our wonderful neighbours welcomed all our precious children and Andy enjoyed the social aspect of this, not to mention the sweets and goodies received!
This week he also had a first appointment at Dunoon Hospital dental unit having been referred from our brilliant family dentist at Argyll Smile 😀. Both these dental establishments have been absolutely wonderful with Andy, who as you may well know, does not particularly like any type of invasive interaction like hair and nail cutting and tooth brushing. Often people with ASD require a general anaesthetic for dental work and Andy might well require this in future but for now we are going through a period of desensitisation. Both our dentist and the hospital unit have simply allowed Andy to visit and explore at his own pace in order to help him become more familiar and comfortable in these surroundings. Staff at both establishments have been super tolerant of Andy’s inquisitive nature and his fascination for water! Their understanding and kindness has already produced improvement and we are hopeful that this will continue. Even if Andy requires a general anaesthetic at some point he will at least be more familiar with dental surgeries and what goes on there.
This week saw even more improvement in Andy’s toilet skills and after 6 months we (cautiously) are able to say he is just about there! It perhaps sounds a bit weird but Jen and I are both so proud of him every time he uses the toilet. Again big, big thanks to Nuala for her support.
Now if that was not enough for one week Andy also had a wonderful session at the Zone Club this week, where he goes to take part in sports with other children. He also visited our brilliant and extremely understanding neighbours to watch fireworks last night. We found that he preferred to watch from indoors but this was fine and he stimmed away at the sparklers and fireworks. Once again Nuala supported Andy and did some preparatory work with him also. All in all a very positive week for us and we realise we are very lucky to have the support and understanding of those around us.

Finally can I tell you about another wee project I wanted to put on I.B.A.? I have been tinkering with the idea of a collection of pictures that show aspects of life in an autism home. Here is my first offering – the back of the toilet door decorated with Thomas stickers to encourage Andy to stay on the loo!


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