A surprise Visit!

It was a cold, wet afternoon and Andy was in his room with his teacher. He was happy enough but was not keen on leaving the sanctuary of his bed room for anything apart from snacks and drinks. This phase has stretched a few weeks now. He and his teacher were using the IPad and books , focusing on interactions and sharing space and time together.
I was engaged in paperwork for my day job downstairs when I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door to find two friendly faces. Local Police Sergeants John and Kenny had dropped by as a follow up to our recent visit to the station. John wanted to arrange some autism information sessions for our local P.C.’s but most of all they came by to see my precious boy again. Now it’s not every day that you hear a knock at your room door and two Policemen come into see you! Andy’s face lit up with excitement! He stimmed and flapped his hands. He bounced on the bed. He smiled and laughed. He reached out to touch and examine the hi-viz vests , caps and radios. His reaction to John and Kenny’s visit was one of pure joy and happiness. Kenny then presented Andy with a police cap of his own. He was absolutely thrilled with it. Now I’m biased I know but I reckon this was one fine example of community policing. Taking the time and effort to get to know about vulnerable people in our community like my son and building a positive relationship with them makes me feel better about the future, his future.
A short time after our visitors left I found Andy with his IPad looking through the pictures of our recent visit to the station. He was smiling and seemed to be reliving the visit in his mind. Kenny and John’s thoughtful visit brought our precious boy such joy and delight. Sincere thanks guys!
Oh and the cap? He has hardly let it out of his sight!



One thought on “A surprise Visit!

  1. Absolutely fantastic! What a lovely gesture by the policemen! Brought tears to my eyes….really good to know that there are nice people like this serving our communities.

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