A Good Year!

2014 was a good year for our family. Looking back it’s been tough at times but we have got there.
We’ve had successful toilet training.
A very good family break at Crieff.
Andy’s continued progress with respite, shared care and being looked after by my family.
We got through the trauma of Andy absconding and this ended with the positive legacy of a very supportive and helpful relationship with our local police.
We have had my oldest son’s Tourette’s diagnosis and although difficult this has been a real catalyst for supporting him appropriately. His school and teaching staff have been a great support to him also I have to say.

Our page and blog has continued to grow in popularity and regularly feedback from readers has reported an increase in understanding and empathy for those living with autism- something that has also been very evident in our local community too.
Many carers and parents have also taken comfort from knowing that they are not alone and that many of their emotions and difficult experiences are to be expected and do not make them bad people.
In all honesty these are the very issues I wanted to address through I.B.A. and the central aim is always to make the world a better place for Andy and others like him.
Without you our readers however none of this would be possible. We thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. X


One thought on “A Good Year!

  1. Well done to a very special family for getting through this year with so much positivity and optimism. The extended family are so proud of you all and continue to be in awe at how you rise to the challenges of looking after Andy whilst still giving David and Helen your time as well as fun activities. We sincerely hope that the year ahead will continue to get better for you all and we look forward to supporting you in whatever 2015 brings.

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