Thanks to Face Book my 47th Birthday seems to have been well publicised.
That’s fine and all the lovely messages were very welcome to this rather isolated, ageing autism dad. Never one to miss an opportunity to describe life with autism I thought I might tell you all a bit about my day.
Jen always makes things special for all of us. A couple of weeks ago I had got my present- a new IPad. I felt it was a bit much but it is one of the only things I use constantly nowadays – creative writing, blogging, studying, distance learning, social media, news papers and reading-and as the sound had gone on Andy’s he was to inherit my old one.(Helen has laid claim to the one without sound to complete the Apple hierarchy in our family!) I am thrilled with my new one and extremely grateful. I hereby promise to use it regularly or raise autism awareness and advocate for my precious boy. Perhaps a Woody Guthrie style legend on the back of it would be cool? “This IPad kills autism ignorance!” Maybe not.
My birthday was a working day and started with breakfast in bed as Jen had got up with Andy. Helen was really keen to present me with cards and little gifts, although I suspect part of the motive was to get my pesky birthday out of the way to enable the plans, preparation and chat to focus on the 23rd of March when she will be 7. 😀. I got beautiful kisses and cuddles from David and Helen after they had sung me Happy Birthday and presented me with lovely cards and Thornton’s whiskey truffles. Then for the first time I remember Andy came in and rather quickly but perfectly presented me with another bag of sweets. His beautiful smile and the briefest of eye contact and a cuddle was something very special indeed!
After another day “down pit” I returned to my beautiful family in time for tea. Jen had made my favourite lamb curry and did a lot of the running about after Andy and let me enjoy mine. It was really great although the second glass of wine was a mistake!
We had some brilliant homemade chocolate cake – what a woman! – and tea and another rendition of Happy Birthday! It set us up well for what was to be a long night but alas not because of any celebrations. Don’t get me wrong I had a lovely day with my family but Andy’s hyperactivity then kicked in big time and we spent the rest of the evening supporting our boy through a difficult night. He finally settled at 1am.
We were all up again by 7 on Saturday some more ready to roll than others

I.B.A.FullSizeRender (2)

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