Autism’s Prism.

Autism’s Prism.
My whole perspective has changed
Priorities dismantled and re-arranged.
You see a different person, I know.
Yes, I’ve changed, blow by blow.
Every facet of life affected,
Not what we all expected
Now we march to another beat
A different set of needs to meet.

Our precious boy’s approval to earn.
As autism’s nature we strive to learn.
But understanding is so hard to find,
To autism’s challenge many are blind.
Friends, family who turn out not to be,
Now just folk who do not want to see.
From your life it’s just one night
For us desperately needed respite.

Professionals who see autism as a meal ticket,
And build a tower surrounded by thicket.
Time or resources,the answers no,
It disappoints and leaves us low.
Like many others we need supports,
Honest, realistic assessment reports.
Not fancy language that hides the lie,
Muddy’s the water, makes us sigh.

But what once we took in our stride
Now challenges becoming too far, too wide.
Tired, worn out, utterly stressed,
Anxious and clinically depressed.
Riding the waves we strain and strive.
Lives changed but we try to survive.
A future once filled with joy and hope
Uncertain now how long we can cope.

Welfare benefits cut to the bone,
Scroungers! cheats! the media’s tone.
The caring society is dwindling away
As inequality and corruption has it’s day.
Between policy makers and carers a disconnect,
A lifetime of duty they appear to expect.
Perhaps there would be no such schism?
If they saw life through autism’s prism.



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