Davi’s shop.


Andy’s carer has worked really hard on social integration. She is very keen to get him out as much as possible and using community services and facilities. The good people of our local town have been great with Andy and it makes us feel so happy.
An absolute favourite for Andy is Davi’s shop on the Main Street. It is one of those really useful shops that stock all sorts of things and is open all sorts of hours. To Andy it is an Aladdin’s cave, packed full of interesting things. A sensory delight of colours and things to touch and explore. It started with popping in for a Yazoo milk shake. Davi is such an understanding person that he never had any problem with Andy stimming and going in and out of the chilled drinks cabinet. He helped play his part in getting Andy to hand over his money before having his milkshake, now something he does and understands. Andy quickly works out where he is accepted and feels comfortable and now it is a regular stop off for him. He has been allowed time and space to explore and examine items and watch as life goes on around him in the shop. With the support of his carer he has even helped put stock on the shelves. This is a fine example of understanding and community integration and Andy loves it. Thank you Davi for being so kind and understanding of Andy’s way of being in the world.

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