It’s his future too!


As a busy carer and autism parent I feel rather disenfranchised from the democratic process much of the time. I do what I can to get the voice of disability heard but it can be very frustrating at times and many simply ignore us. For this reason I have decided to make a direct approach to our prospective U.K. parliamentary candidates.

My son Andy is 8 years old and has classic autism. He is non verbal and has a number of co-morbid conditions. He requires round the clock care and support.
With the general election campaign in full flow I have been keeping as much of an eye on proceedings as Andy allows. It certainly is a cut- throat business often characterised with too much heat and not enough light. Along with many other carers I have been trying to monitor events in terms of vulnerable groups and their needs. To say it has been disappointing thus far is something of an understatement. It is so very hard to even get a chance to put forward concerns or ask questions. Then there is the whole question of trust, doublespeak and semantics. My son does not have a voice. I am his voice but much as I try to advocate for him and others like him I am severely limited in time and energy due to providing his care 24 hours a day.
Andy will be dependent on the state for services for all of his life. This general election and the direction we go in is of crucial importance to his future. To this end I would like to invite each perspective Westminster candidate for Argyll to come and meet my son at home (we struggle to get him to go to unfamiliar places due to his A.S.D. )
I would like you to meet my precious boy and discuss his needs and the support needs of carers and siblings and to find out how you would contribute to these issues. You may think you are busy but we are never off duty.
I would be happy to make a future report on how this request progresses.

4 thoughts on “It’s his future too!

  1. Well said Duncan! Let’s see how many candidates take note and show an interest in your family. And please, everyone who is interested in this blog, ask your own candidates what they would do for people with disabilities and their carers.

  2. Hi Duncan,
    I have been reading your articles and fully appreciate your concerns. I am sure Brendan O’Hara will be pleased to meet with you prior to the election to discuss the wider issues about autism and the support that parents and other carers need to look after our young folk.
    if we can’t look after our most vulnerable in society what kind of society will it be in the future, I know Brendan will do what he can at UK level but also we all need to ensure localised services are fit for purpose and that involves speaking to folk like you, the practitioners, in what standards and level of support you need for the benefit of your son. Difficult choices will be getting made in the Councils budget next year, so its essential we get our voice heard at every level of government, and that starts on the 7th May. Major financial, austerity cuts in the pipeline that will absolutely affect our vulnerable, there is a choice out there. The two Ed’s and Murphy on TV at the moment and austerity is most definitely on their agenda.

    kind regards

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