A Day in the Life.

Visited a local voluntary agency yesterday and was very impressed with their ethos and approach to providing care for the vulnerable in our society. Progressive attitudes and honesty – how refreshing! 


 I was forced to enlist the support of my local MSP to help secure some staff training for teaching staff on a condition that affects my son. I had been pursuing this for well over six months and was being fobbed off with unanswered emails while the situation deteriorated. Less than 24 hrs later the training provider emailed to say they had contact from the council and will be arranging training. I’m still waiting on any correspondence from the education department. It’s a pity it has to be like this. My son is happy and relieved at this development though and that is all that matters.


When assisting Andy out of bath and get dried last night I bent down to dry his feet. At this moment he decided to get back into the bath and in stepping back in his knee thumped my nose. There was an audible crack but no blood. My eyes watered as I got to my feet and shouted on Jen to take over. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down!


Today an evening off at my sister’s place. Going to chill, watch football, have pizza and beer and best of all SLEEP 😃

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