Kindness and Making Memories.


Our precious boy really inspires the best form local people in our home town. He is fast becoming a well known and accepted person in our community. On a walk round town this week Andy led me into several shops and venues where I was delighted and amazed how many folk had a friendly greeting for him. The woman in the sweet shop knows his name, what he likes and even opens his sweets for him! At the leisure centre he likes to hang out at the coffee bar and watch the world go by – no problems encountered! In Davi’s shop he is treated like royalty. I could go on. It all makes me so happy, proud and grateful.

When a local organisation for children contacted us to offer a day trip we were thrilled.
Happy Dayz is a Dunoon based organisation that make dreams come true for children facing challenges. Jenny liaised with Claire from the charity and they set up a day trip for our family and Nuala our carer to visit the Time Capsule in Coatbridge. ( it was based on Andy’s love of water 😃)
On Tuesday we were all picked up in a chauffeur driven minibus and whisked away on a fantastic trip. Andy was excited from the off as were Helen and David. It was so relaxing to not have to think about driving and watch Andy’s happy wee face as we glided through Glasgow. Our driver Rosie was so helpful and friendly and nothing was a problem for her.
On arrival at the Time Capsule we all eagerly headed off to check out this new and fascinating place. It was a water lovers paradise inside. Nuala supported Andy to explore at his own pace freeing Jen and I up to try all the various flumes and water rides with Helen and David. Andy had a great time stimming and waving at the water falls and enjoying the waves. Jen and I were floating about taking great pleasure in our three kids enjoying an activity together. It was a great morning followed by a lovely lunch. We all then went to the soft play where after a short transition Andy explored the place happily. He then found a wee corner where he could watch the cars outside and all that was going around him. His smiles and giggles were such a joy to see.
All in all the day was a great success providing lots of memories of a happy day without any of the hassle of organising or worrying about costs.
Thank you to all who made this possible.


One thought on “Kindness and Making Memories.

  1. This is just heart warming. So delighted that you guys could enjoy a day out as a family and so grateful to this wonderful charity.

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