A Lesson.

I watch from the window, as my precious boy bounces on his trampoline in the garden.
His stims appear like an art form – a mime of excitement that seem to celebrate his surroundings. He looks upwards to the blue summer sky that forms the background to the branches of the trees blowing in the wind. He is delighted by the summer breeze on his naked body. The feeling of warm air and the energy in the trees intensified by his own movement as he bounces and stims and laughs and smiles. He rejoices in his solitude using his senses to explore theimage environment around him. Care free, happy and without inhibitions. He pees in an arc laughing joyfully. He giggles and jumps and for now all is fine in his world. Contentment and joy abound as his sensory receptors seem to be over flowing with only good things for now at least. No demands for uncomfortable social interactions or confusing behaviours or the harsh lights and sounds of a modern and complex world. Only the natural sounds, sights, smells and feelings from the garden. Unthreatening and beautiful. Just like my precious boy, at one with the world. I watch and learn.


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