Taking Stock.

imageThe first day of autumn. Andy is at respite and Jen and I have been busy as always, attempting to use the time productively. I have been desperately trying to catch up with my work for the past few days. We are also trying to start clearing the house in preparation for essential adaptations we have been working towards for what seems like an eternity. Our ability to continue caring for Andy will depend on it. It is well overdue and needed but will require much effort and upheaval for us all.
After being stuck inside at the computer I came outside to enjoy the dry weather…. and to cut the grass. We are very fortunate to have such a nice garden and Andy really loves it. As I sit at the bottom of the garden, (having cut the grass!), reading and writing it occurs to me that this is possibly the first time this year I have actually had the chance to sit here and have a well earned beer! I have much to reflect on as always. We are fortunate to be getting the support we have but the next few months are going to be difficult I expect. Taken against current events across the globe of course we have so much to be thankful for. For that I count my blessings. I truly do.


One thought on “Taking Stock.

  1. Yay!! Seems to be a weekend for respite – Peter going off today, much needed for both of us!
    I try not to do “stuff” in the house when he’s away and this time i’m trying to stick to it – circumstances have dictated thst it’s been months since Peter was away.
    But clothes shopping for a wedding doesn’t count as “stuff” does it. Or at least getting inspiration!!

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