My, my, my beautiful Sunday!

3am Andy up for the toilet. Takes a good 1/2 hour to resettle.
6am Andy up and awake. Gave him juice and put on his T.V. and gave him IPad in an attempt to keep him in room without disturbing others.
6 – 8 am periodically check on Andy but return to bed to dose in between.
8am Andy up and into bath. Jen gets up as it is my “lie-in”
8.30am till 9.30 am lay in bed resting attempting to ignore Andy’s outbursts and Helen playing.
10 am got up and hung out washing
10.15 am put on next washing, put away washing
Andy has a poo in garden, assist Jen supporting him
11am sat down to write email regarding house adaptations and uncertainties arising
11.15 am Andy presents me with clothes – his sign for going out. Take Andy and Dave out in car. We go for a milkshake. Between the car and cafe Andy touches several tourists who are sitting on bench. He kisses an elderly man on back of head! I apologise and explain. Happily they are all fine.
Get milkshake at cafe.
12 pm return to car and go for a run around town. Andy does not want to get out at park.
12.20 pm return home. Continue with email.
12.45 pm hang out next washing. Have cup of tea.
1pm Jen takes Andy out to supermarket, I attempt to wash up dishes.
1.20 pm Jen returns back with an upset Andy who refused to get out car at supermarket. I sit with him and try to console him. He indicates he wants to go out.
1.45pm out for a walk with Andy and David ( Jen returned to supermarket)
Walked around town with Andy. Concentrating on keeping up with him and keeping him safe from traffic.
2pm unable to direct Andy past cash line to get money. We make our way to the cafe again and I ask girl who works there to give us milkshake and we will pay later. This was ok.
2.15pm left cafe, Andy wanted to walk along front. He poured most of milkshake into the Clyde.
2.30pm back in town walking. Managed to direct Andy towards home.
2.45pm Arrived home, tired. Completed and sent email while Andy in bath.
3.15pm kept eye on kids in back garden while having a look at material for university .

4.30pm Andy requests to go out. Take him out for a drive in car, Jen makes tea.
5.15pm Quick meal while Jen covers Andy .
5.30pm Jen has quick meal while I watch Andy.
6pm Andy wandering about, grazing on finger foods and in and out of bath. He is getting tired and a bit upset.
6.30pm iron school clothes for David an Helen.
7pm begin bath time routine.


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