A Pyrrhic Victory!


Just a short post this week as we are under considerable pressure with Jen’s dad being so seriously ill.
Why do people living with disability have to be treated in such a poor way by local authorities? What will ever make these public servants take an unbiased and fair view of unpaid Carer’s contribution to our society? These are the questions I have been struggling with in between providing care and support to my family this week.
Last week we had a planned ( charity funded) Carer’s break completely ruined due to the disgraceful and insensitive treatment we received while trying to get confirmation of resources we had already been assessed for and allocated! In the end we have been ” successful,” apparently but we’re not rejoicing. We simply feel drained. Who would celebrate the installation of adaptations that turn a home into a care facility?
What would it take to get some of these handsomely paid managers, social workers and local councillors to recognise the value of our contribution?
I have invited many of these people to come and meet my son and learn about his needs but strangely there seems a real reluctance on their part.
After calling on every bit of help I could think of and spending the week jumping through various hoops at the whim of a social work manager,who has so far steadfastly refused to acknowledge us, we achieved or re- achieved what we had already been assessed as being entitled to. We save the council the cost of these adaptations to our home every few months in the unpaid care we provide ( and have done for over 6 years now). When I have challenged the process and asked for clarification my queries go unanswered and ignored largely. Even an elected official who inquired on our behalf received no answers – apparently this lack of response is commonplace with our local authority.

Any “victory” is hollow when taken in context of the nature of the process for us and many like us.
(Many thanks to our local MSP and assistant and Councillor B for support.)


One thought on “A Pyrrhic Victory!

  1. I have steam coming out my ears reading this…who are these so called professionals who are supposed to be ‘working’ for a local authority at the expense of the tax payer? What exactly do they do with their time and why do they not support families like my brothers who really need and deserve their help!!! Regular readers of this blog know what Duncan and Jenny face on an average week, add to the mix Jenny’s Dad being seriously ill in hospital and then this treatment from their local authority and most of us can’t begin to imagine the pressure they have been under recently. Love and respect to you guys, I wish and hope for happier days ahead.

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