As most of you know I rarely switch off from thinking about autism. We live with it and adjust to it everyday. If not supporting Andy we are planning and preparing for future events. These last few weeks Jen’s dad has been very ill however and we have been visiting him in hospital, monitoring his progress and thinking about his care needs. After a big scare when he dipped and a setback with an infection we are extremely hopeful for him making a recovery. Along with Jen’s brother and relatives we are turning our energies to considering the support Jim will need when he gets out of hospital.
That is why I am writing from the foyer of the Southern General tonight during a break from visiting. Jim told me something really interesting earlier. He said that he knows he is improving because he can see it in the expressions and demeanour of his wonderful medical staff. His improvement is reflected in the faces of those who come in to see him and this is helping him. What a brilliant thing – the power of non verbal interaction to change someone’s feeling and improve their health. I was struck with the power of this small observation and could not help relating it to Andy’s non verbal way of being. I will certainly be more conscious of my demeanour when supporting Andy and his ability to interpret it. Get well soon Granda, we all love you.

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