Granda Jim.

This week’s post is dedicated to Andy’s Granda Jim who sadly passed away this week after a period of illness.
Granda Jim had a great relationship with Andy and tolerated his often quirky behaviour with great patience and humour. If Jim took off his cap Andy would put it back on him and stim all round his grandfather’s head. He would touch Granda’s head and face exploring the tactile stimuli of his bristly chin and soft face and head. He would give Granda the odd ‘high five’ and even a kiss when the mood took him. He would give his Granda a tiny, fleeting smile through the window as he made his way slowly up our path. They were only fleeting connections but they meant a lot to Granda and he never let these moments pass without expressing his appreciation of them. Granda was very interested in Andy’s autism and asked a lot of questions. Early on he cut a simple but informative article about a wee boy with autism from a newspaper. It helped him gain an understanding. He wanted to understand and help Andy in any way he could and he did.
Granda used to come and sit in our home and was a great observer but respectfully he never interfered with the many problems we can encounter in any given day. He did however appreciate how hard life could be at times for us all and that helped in a way and allowed him to accept and not judge us. He loved and respected us and I know he was proud of us all because he liked to show off my articles and pictures to the hospital staff. He would explain about his grandson Andy and how he was and the happiness he brought to people. In his own way Granda displayed an acceptance and awareness of disability that he shared with others. We are working with Andy to explain his Granda’s passing and I am sure in his own way he will miss his Granda. We will all miss him too. Rest in peace Granda. X


2 thoughts on “Granda Jim.

  1. Grand parents are a major influence on our youngsters lives and so many kids don’t experience the love but Andy and the rest of the family have , so what a blessing that is. Condolences to you all.

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