A New Home.

We moved back home this week. We also said goodbye to a very dear Granda. As weeks go it was one of the toughest. We are physically and emotionally washed out but life goes on. After a ridiculous few days we are slowly getting acquainted with our new environment and attempting to look after ourselves and each other.
Andy has exceeded our expectations in terms of how he has coped. Over the past four weeks he has stayed in five different places and is now back in our refurbished home. He has his own new bedroom and we have a new kitchen and a wet room also. Andy has settled back remarkably well. Considering he refused to use a bedroom in all of the temporary accommodation it was great to see him take ownership of his new room, which is small but perfectly formed, just like him! After sleeping on the settee for most of the last year David now has his own room also. He is very pleased with it.
After a little hesitation Andy entered the new wet room and was soon busy splashing and spraying water about. It has taken the pressure off regarding bathroom facilities for the rest of the family, thank goodness.
So much has happened over the last 4 or 5 weeks we are all struggling to come to terms with life at the moment. For Andy it must be more difficult but he is baring up well generally.
Let me sign off by thanking everyone who helped make the renovations to our home possible. The sheer volume of those involved indicates the complexity of such events.
Heartfelt thanks to the O.T. Dept, Care and Repair Officer, Architect, Planning, Grants Dept.,Social Work, local councillors X 3, our MSP and his staff, contracts manager, tradesmen, Hunter’s Quay holiday village and staff, respite staff, shared Carers, sense Scotland, family and friends.

2 thoughts on “A New Home.

  1. A sad , yet happy time Duncan . Yes you sure have been through the mill . Hope you can settle now and life will be easier for you all just in time for the chaos of Christmas lol .

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