A Fair Deal ?

imageI was talking with a fellow carer this week.  The young person she cares for has a serious illness and very complex needs and I admire her and her family greatly. Sadly our conversation inevitably drifted towards the lack of suitable support for Carers and services for those whom we care for. We agreed on the fact that much of the problem stems from the undervaluing of the Carer’s role. If somehow it could be given a higher profile in our society the understanding would surely be raised generally and momentum might build towards better supports? The worrying trend for not offering statutory assessments and services by many local authorities does the exact opposite sadly. Raising the contribution of Carers could and should be done at different levels. I have found that involving people in any aspect of the care giver’s role or even just spending some time around a family of Carers is very helpful way to increase understanding.( It also speaks volumes about the individuals in our recent experience who have sought to avoid this type of engagement.) Policy makers, council officials and senior managers perhaps prefer concepts like “best value,” “restructuring” and fancy new “initiatives”. This can be carried out safely from their Ivory Towers backed by “consultations” that could tell you that black is white. For those of us who would prefer to deal in hard facts rather than spurious interpretations I welcomed a finding reported ( though not widely) in the media this week. A study carried out by the University’s of Leeds and Sheffield in conjunction with CIRCLE ( Centre for International research on Care, Labour and Equalities) has estimated that unpaid Carers in Scotland are worth as much as £10.8 billion per year. (There was actually a fair amount of research that corroborates this type of figure when I did a little digging.) That is a serious amount of money by any means and should easily justify a sound case for proper assessments and provision of support.
It has helped me counter some of the feelings of guilt engendered by the attitude of some involved in our recent quest for fit for purpose facilities.

2 thoughts on “A Fair Deal ?

  1. Poor very poor if people are making you feel even a little bit guilty for wanting what is rightfully yours . Very sorry to hear that Duncan x

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