Autism’s Gifts.

image.jpegNothing out of the ordinary has really occurred in our home this week – just the usual late nights, hyperactivity, toilet incidents- a standard week really. So what to blog about was the question on my mind as I sat on the train. Keep it simple I thought, good stuff and not so good stuff that autism has brought to our lives.

And so in no particular order………….Autism has brought us joy, love, lack of sleep, stress, new life goals and aspirations, confrontation, assertiveness, strength, high emotions, tiredness, beauty, understanding, opportunities, limitations, education, engagement with authorities, politics, new friends, lost friends, consistency, unforeseen problems, new skills, a bad back, laundry, more laundry, a sense of humour, milkshakes, routine, new priorities,a thicker skin, frustrations, limited social life, compromise, contentment, family values, tolerance, less money, some resources, assessments, judgements, intrusion, loss of dignity, a great pride, a new identity, aches and pains, tears and sadness, ups and downs, laughter, connections with others, unity, determination, a vision for the future …… Oh and happiness, lots of happiness!

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