image.jpegAndy is becoming a big, strong boy these days. We pride ourselves on interpreting his needs and wishes despite his inability to speak as yet. “Every problem has a solution” has to be the mindset we employ. It struck me we are like detectives carefully exploring any problems that arise, drawing on our experience and knowledge and subconsciously going through a checklist of any possible physical reasons. Despite our best efforts however there are periods in many days where his frustration surfaces and as he physically develops these times are more difficult to manage. He can be loud and on occasion he has been starting to self harm. He was upset last night by something to do with the water he was playing in at the bathroom wash hand basin. This was causing him to show his displeasure by stamping his foot very hard on the floor. He was very unsettled and crying. His distress raised our anxieties and upset our other kids. Everything else ceased to happen until we found some resolution. Last night a long run in the car and a visit to Hunter’s Quay for a milkshake eventually did the trick and Andy calmed. It wasn’t the evening any of us had planned.


One thought on “Changes.

  1. Oh Duncan a small insight into what your family live with day and night , humbles me . Most of us have no idea of the day to day living of families coping with Autism .

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