Long and winding road.

In respect of raising awareness about Autistic Spectrum Conditions specifically and disability generally I have witnessed enough in recent times to know that there is still a long way to go. From Donald Trump once again showing his calibre as a sorry and dangerous individual to my local authority having the audacity to put a 45% cut in Special Educational Needs support in their budget consultation proposal, sadly ignorance is alive and well.

We are still mid journey on our awareness quest with acceptance barely yet in sight.

With so many terrible events going on in the world from bloody civil wars and terrorist atrocities to bully boy countries flexing their military muscle jostling for world ranking without thought for the innocent, disability awareness might seem of lesser importance.

However I will continue attempting to do my best to promote acceptance, understanding and tolerance because surely these qualities are the keys to put right all of the world’s problems.

Greed and the need for power and self aggrandisement will alas always be the greatest barrier to equality and acceptance of our fellow human being.



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