Theoretically speaking.

This week I have been writing my final assignment for a P.G. autism qualification. Around the “festivities” I have been reading research papers, learning about theories and attempting to critically analyse them. I have to read each one several times, due to the frequent distractions and my academic limitations. The academic world of ASD is a rather clinical place with stuffy protocols and a measure of intellectual snobbery thrown in. In fact it is so far from the experience of living with autism it has made me giggle. It has been like a one week intense autism training where you have theory and then hands on experience, then theory and so on. My assignment is overdue and (hopefully) quite average. I am self funding and studying in my own time but feel that this qualification will give me more credibility and insight and perhaps open some doors. One thing I have learned this week is that many of these autism academics wouldn’t last a week in our house. 😃

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