Inspired by Autism.


Social Enterprise -” a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose.”

Barely a week goes by without me hearing about families and individuals living with autism who are struggling due to lack of support. There is very little available in terms of support and the route to such support is a difficult one that requires knowledge and energy that many simply don’t have. My worries for my own son’s future are often very great indeed and out of sheer anxiety and frustration I formed Dunoon Autism Support Group. So far overheads have been low and people have helped out with a venue and input but we would like to have some more stability and a chance to develop further desperately needed facilities. E.g. Siblings / young carers group, children’s activities, drop in for adults with A.S.C. and generally have a visible presence in our town.
I have been working with Vital Spark, who have been supporting me to explore a social enterprise around autism. My ideas have merit and possibilities apparently but may flounder without the support of our community.
Advice, information and advocacy will always be freely available to anyone who approaches us, as will any support groups and children’s activities.
I am however considering various potential income streams for this social enterprise.
I hope to provide bespoke autism awareness and information to any groups who might be interested – from sessions providing CPD for professionals , general information to improve understanding and raise awareness to the voluntary sector, schools or other public sector employees. If you have a training budget I will provide input tailored to your requirements for a modest charge. If you have no specific budget a small donation would be welcome although not essential.
Social Care Workshops aimed at providing underpinning knowledge for Svq’s and individual or group support to Svq candidates in reflective writing, legislation or policy and procedures can also be provided to suit your needs.
( I am a S.S.S.C. Registered Social Worker with over 25 years experience in a variety of social work/ care settings. I am also an SQA registered Svq assessor and verifier in social care. Most of all however I am a dedicated parent to a child with an A.S.C.)
Form an orderly queue please !


One thought on “Inspired by Autism.

  1. Well done Duncan, I’m sure this will be a brilliant and much needed resource for the people of Dunoon, we wish you all the best with your social enterprise.

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