Life’s a lottery.


Have you ever reflected on the National Lottery? I mean beyond speed boats and homes in Monaco?
It really is the establishment’s master stroke here in the uk. Much as it galls me you have to admire the simplicity of the scheme and how we are taken in by it. It’s a British as the House of Lords and HP Sauce so it must be great then eh? After fish and chips a few cans of lager and Come Dancing it is presented to the masses as the sort of highlight of the week. Generally folk lap it up as they queue at the cigarette desk in their local supermarket to part with the cash from their exploitative jobs, with smiles on their faces.
It’s marketed as the exciting chance to go from ordinary to great and special in an instant. Oh and like all establishment debacles ‘it is all for a great cause.’
The charity model of disability is outdated and fundamentally flawed. People with disabilities have human rights and entitlements like every other person. ( while we are in Europe at least.) Their rights and entitlement to basic services enshrined in the laws of a developed, resource rich nation. Here is the rub however we need the revenues from our resources and endeavours for important things like defence, upgrading the UK parliament , museums to former heads of state and of course our wonderful House of Lords.
In the great British tradition of helping those ” less fortunate” to improve themselves we will allow those with disabilities a chance to have a temporary service of sorts – if they meet the criteria and play nice ! Civic leaders and local authority officials smile beside service users in pictures for the local paper. We are extremely lucky apparently that a statutory service is “safe” for a few years. Hooray!


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