Mood Swings!

Tough times call for that bit more effort from us as Andy’s care givers. He has been very up and down of late. Highs and lows. Happiness and frustration. Love and Anger. He has required lots of input, patience, understanding and extra love to help him cope this week. His hyperactivity and agitation clearly unbearable for him at times. We try to remember that things will pass and our life will settle again. You have to and it does.
Recently a fellow autism blogger talked about eclipses of phases, when one set of behaviours begins to change to a new or different one. The swing and garden are emerging after the long winter period of relative hibernation indoors. I think we might be coming through an eclipse. I think it might be linked to the emergence of Spring but whatever is going on for our precious boy is very real and at times very difficult for us all. Sensory processing differences are most likely part of it , as is the transition towards adolescence. We just have to keep going. Here’s to a more settled phase soon.


One thought on “Mood Swings!

  1. I so admire you and your family. Such love and focus on Andy….remember yourselves on this journey too…. That’s the hardest bit!

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