Late nights.

imageAt one point last night I knew it was going to be a late one without really acknowledging it.
It could have been as we drove slowly down to Toward as darkness fell and Andy stimmed excitedly. The signs were there.
It could have been when he had a feast of dried bacon and chocolate on our return. It was late for tea.
It could have been as he went excitedly between the garden and the wet room, swinging then splashing, swinging then splashing. It should have been bath time.
It could have been when he came in for cuddles as I attempted to watch tv and complete some paperwork. It should have been me time (😂).
It could have been when he ran up and down the stairs a hundred times or when he removed his wet t- shirt but nothing else, in response to my suggestion we get ready for bed. Sleep seemed so far away.
It was certainly clear when he ran out the door to find his swing in the dark.
The cold woke me up as he swung high and laughed.
He was happy at least and that was a bonus I thought as I struggled to stay awake.
He got to his bedroom – a sign at least – although after midnight.
We listened to multiple trips to the bathroom and taps going off and on as our eyes started to shut.
We grabbed a quick doze between noisy outbursts.
Just after 1 AM the gentle snores started. Bliss.

Good night precious boy X

3 thoughts on “Late nights.

  1. Aww my heart goes out to you Duncan and your bringing a puppy into your home lol . My admiration for you both knows no bounds . Are you hoping the dog may be able to help the situation ? I hope so x

    • Hi Jan, thanks for your comments, I really appreciate that you so often take the time to do this. Yes, Bailey is our golden Labrador pup who will be with us in early April ( so help me God!) Nuala, Andy’s carer is an expert in this area and we hope he will benefit in lots of ways. We had wanted a family dog for sometime though and my other two are looking forward to it also. Let the chaos begin! I reckon Bailey will be a regular new addition to the blog. Hope you and family are doing ok Jan? I so admire what you and all your home carer colleagues do everyday, take care X

      • Excellent Duncan, we have a dog called Bailey too. He is 15 now. We also have a crazy collie who is 3. Your kids will love it, especially Andy. Animals and Autsim often go well together.
        But be prepared to do the walking despite what children who beg for a dog promise you!:)

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