Another week with autism. Jen and I have provided our normal support to Andy all week. Early mornings, late nights. Daily covering 50 miles in the car to help calm Andy down. With the support of our wonderful carer the time off has been largely spent supporting other autism parents, attending social enterprise training and preparing for autism presentations (me) and doing the ground work to set up an activity and social club for young people with disabilities (Jen).
Helen my daughter turned 8 this week also and I hardly saw her until late evening. Once the children are settled I try and turn my attention to lobbying for disability rights any way I can. This week I have been in contact with two MP’s, a councillor and a journalist.
I received a reply from an unknown Scottish Government worker to my correspondence with our First Minister (sent in January) about the failure of the current policy to achieve anything on the front line since it came into force in 2011. ( in Argyll things have got significantly worse actually.) Here is part of the reply;
“I am sorry that you feel the autism strategy is not delivering to many families throughout Scotland. As you are aware from previous correspondence, the Scottish Government is committed to improving the lives of people with autism. We are nearly halfway through the implementation of the Scottish Strategy for autism and whilst much has been achieved, we are aware much work still needs to be done. The reframing of the strategy into an outcomes framework in 2015-2017 is designed to streamline the strategy into four key outcomes; choice and control, independence, a Healthy life and Active Citizenship. “…………….. Sad to see our ‘progressive’ government using these vague and unmeasurable terms.
Meaningless ‘care speak’ is just insulting at this stage.


One thought on “Disillusionment.

  1. The Autism Strategy Group for Argyll and Bute need to publish their minutes and meetings on line so that people can engage. I have raised some queries with Counicllor Ann Horn about the group and I am hoping to meet with her to suggest new and more innovative ways of engagement. I have to say I found her very open, listening and interested. She sent me the minutes and dates of next meetings straight away. I felt I was pushing at an open door, however, the majority of the group need to feel the same. That is the ONLY way change happens.
    Interestingly I have been something of a thorn in the side of the council in trying to ensure we get the right service and no one from education has ever mentioned this group to me! I find that curious.

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