Pledges and Waffle.


As the election approaches and I start to look around at what is out there to tempt voters into putting their cross in the box there is realistically very little choice for me.
Social justice and disability issues are as always the most important issues for me but for “democracy” to work best I would like a bit more choice. Election time is when political parties have to try a little harder normally and there exists at least the possibility of voters trying to influence policy through getting pledges made in public.
This time round we are in a very unusual position in Scotland where there is no real possibility of a change of government and that leaves very little chance of any pledges being made publicly or otherwise beyond their safe manifesto.
The pledge I make to my voiceless, precious boy and others like him is to speak up for him and to challenge (failing) policies. To seek fairness for him and never ever allow his needs to be overlooked. I have been working every hour I possibly can to further these goals, sadly without success.
Here are some conclusions I have arrived at through my representations for Andy and people with autism.

Being better than the rest doesn’t make you great but politics is not about being great, it’s about winning and retaining power.

Honest politics. This is an oxymoron.

Conviction politicians are a rare breed.

Professional politicians are 10 a penny.

The hopes and needs of a minority or vulnerable group depending solely on one party is a risky strategy.

If you ask searching questions don’t expect a straight answer (duh!)

Take NOTHING at face value from any politician.

Finally it’s a brutal business where survival of the fittest and strongest wins out.
It could not be further removed from the beauty, innocence and honesty of my precious boy.
Vive la revolution!


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