A New Addition


A short and cuddly blog this week to welcome Bailey our new Golden Labrador pup who came to stay with us on Tuesday. As well as a family pet we are hoping that his presence will be positive for Andy.
Andy has been a little bemused thus far and it has created a welcome distraction from his recent frustrations. He has had a wee pat and is certainly watching as events unravel for Bailey in his new home.
Before settling for bed last Andy came through to our room where Bailey is sleeping in a small crate on the floor. He had a quick look before returning to his own bed and repeated this a few times over the next half hour or so.

When reflecting on events on my way to work today I realised that Andy seems quite content about our new addition. I feel he has almost been showing relief at not been the focus of attention for a change. He has always been quite observant and this watching role is perhaps taking some degree of pressure off him socially.
Andy seems happy enough to share the garden space and his home with wee Bailey. We hope it will be a relationship that will blossom and be mutually beneficial to their future development.


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