The Last Run.

imageAnother wee habit has developed for Andy these last few weeks. Just as the spring evening sets in he is looking for a last run in the car before we consider bed time.
He drags me to the door and can become upset if there is too much delay. I have been accommodating his wishes in part as it lets Jen have a little break and for the house to quieten down. I have been doing the longest practical drive at this time – east to Sandbank and then west to Toward. It has been a strangely calming ritual. Andy stimming at the uniformity of the street lights across the river and regularly laughing at certain buildings – a mysterious, excited and private laugh!
We are fortunate to have such wonderful and varied scenery and no shortage of wildlife either. Recently we have watched seals playing in the sea, roe deers grazing and pheasant running along the roadside. Last night this beautiful old ship caught our eye at berth in the Holy Loch.


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