You Got to have Faith!


In my frequent discussions regarding all things autism I hear lots and lots of vague, unhelpful and ambiguous language that does nothing to forward either awareness or the rights of those living with autism. My dislike of ” care speak” has been well documented in my blogs. This type of language is not just disrespectful in its meaninglessness and ambiguity, it could also be considered to be quite calculated to fit in with a duplicitous agenda that is about being seen to make improvements as budgets are cut. Anyone who has been around disability and social care for any length of time will have numerous examples sadly.
Now and then I hear very accurate language from switched on individuals. You see good communication is straightforward and very simple. There is no need to use the cosy sound bites and concepts, complicated acronyms and jargon loved by councils and health boards or HSCP’s as they are known by those who like this sort of thing. This leads me on to one of the turns of phrase I liked from a man with high functioning autism who was addressing a gathering heavy on professionals. He referred to his audience and many around him as the “autism industry.” I think this needs no further comment because it’s clear and plain. Blunt even? The other phrase that has kept coming into my head in my autism work this week was the concept of whether someone is a believer or a non believer when it comes to ASD. Let’s just say my work here is not yet done. Sadly people ( even those in the industry )often have to see something to believe it.


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