The Bailey Record.


Since we have had our wee Labrador Bailey our lives have changed quite a bit.
He has been able to fit in very quickly to our household and has brought lots of happiness to us all. Initially got for the children and with the hope that he may have a positive affect on Andy and his autism his influence is growing. There are so many positive aspects of children and pets and Bailey has thus far been a great success. The developing relationship between a young pup and an autistic child has been fascinating. Firstly Bailey has been coping very well with the frequent noise and disruption when Andy is upset. Partly a legacy from the wonderful breeder and their family and partly because of his friendly nature and intelligence, Bailey has been taking things in his stride. Andy now acknowledges our dog and is beginning to pat him. He is at times very interested in Bailey and their relationship continues to develop. His antics seem to amuse Andy frequently.
Another positive is the affect Bailey has had on this worn out and often beleaguered
carer. I find his playfulness uplifting and energising. I find sitting with him and stroking him very calming. This has surprised me a little at least, but in a very good way.

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