A Job I Love Doing!


It has been a busy and varied period of work at Inspired by Autism over the past couple of weeks. I seem to have lifted the lid on a real area of need.
The role – one that I’m still defining seems to involve working simultaneously on many fronts. I became conscious of this recently when asked what my social enterprise does. I listed the tasks of the last few weeks. They were many and varied but were all compatible with my central goals of raising autism awareness, challenging discrimination and promoting acceptance.
I have had a meeting with the Scottish Government’s policy leads for autism and carers; I have met with the local authority’s officers for autism policy; I have spoke at an event for Social Enterprise; I have responded to numerous e-mails and phone calls from parents and carers; I have accompanied an autism parent to an appeal hearing; I participated in an event aimed at re launching our local autism strategy; I have been setting up a legal structure for Inspired by Autism; I have arranged our next parent’s group; I have been preparing input for my next autism presentation; Oh yes I also liaised with the local police to arrange a Birthday visit to a little boy with autism.
Is all the hard work worth it? Absolutely!
Thank you so much to our friends at Dunoon Police.


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