Love over Fear.

An early post today and a plea to consider the future well being of the vulnerable in our society. Those who are at the mercy of state funded support and services and do not have a voice to speak up for themselves are at a pivotal point for their future wellbeing. As a civilised and decent society we are at a similar junction. This is an issue that will affect and touch every life and every family, with the exception of those with extreme wealth, at some point now or in future. Robust human rights protection is needed more now than ever. As the gap between those who have and have not grows the most vulnerable need the safety net of a welfare state and NHS more than ever. This support has never been at more risk and already the cuts are brutal and real.
Without a legal protection and accountability this situation is set to become so much worse. Someday the health and wellbeing of us all will wane and despite seeming distant now it is almost certain we will require these very supports. This help is the very essence of humanity and if removed through greed, hate and discrimination we will have lost our very soul.
Please consider prioritising all our human rights today.


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