A Family Outing.

imageA Family Outing!

Last week I read a great blog by a wonderful autism mum about the difficulties autism families have simply leaving the security and safety of their own homes.
We often have the same problem here. It tends to mean you are forever weighing up the pros and cons of attempting even simply outings. We are fortunate to have a car and this helps as it almost acts like a mobile extension of a familiar and safe place for Andy and can avoid major problems in the community. He often refuses to get out of our car when we arrive at a planned destination though.
I was thinking about all of this today when we decided to try a short family outing to Benmore Botanic Gardens. It was our first outing of the holidays with the whole family, including our new addition, Labrador pup Bailey.
The sun was shining by the time we all piled into the car and it felt great to be at least trying a family excursion. We were all aware however that as always we might require to change our plans at short notice.
Today was a success though and Andy was happy to get out of the car and into the gardens for a walk. It felt lovely to be strolling through this beautiful place with all our children and the dog. We were a real family doing a “normal” activity. We even managed an ice cream in the cafe afterwards.
As many other families head off on holidays abroad or embark on a program of activities with their kids it can be difficult for autism families to simply survive school holidays at home. As a parent it felt good today to be doing even a small thing as a family.

2 thoughts on “A Family Outing.

  1. Has Andy responded well to your new addition? The two teenagers I work with who are autistic absolutely adore my dog. He has such a positive impact on them x

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