Like a wasp in a jar.

FullSizeRenderWhen I was a wee boy we used to go catching bees and wasps in  jars. I’m not entirely sure why we did it but we generally released them a short time later. I remember the wasps used to get very agitated at being trapped.

It’s after midnight now and Andy is displaying frenetic behaviour around our home once again. I am desperately tired and have a big day tomorrow but sleep is still a long way off I think.

Andy has been in the wet room for most of the past 3 hours running the warm water over his hands and arms. I attempted to prompt him to bed a little while ago and he did go to his room. He has a sliding door with a little window in it. He repeatedly opened and shut the door and as I observed him he stimmed furiously behind the glass panel on his door.

He is back in the wet room now and is very animated and hyperactive. He stamps up and down the stairs, puts lights on and off and opens and shuts doors. Now he is back to the taps and water . I am writing  this with one eye shut as I struggle to stay awake.

Unlike those angry wasps sadly I cannot free Andy.







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