Myth Busters.


The inconsistencies in the provision of services and supports across local authorities and indeed the whole country are simply wrong in my opinion.
Allowing autism carers and parents to come together and share experiences is crucial in attempting to challenge this post code lottery.
Sharing experiences on line also has an important role in trying to address this issue.

I received the following message from a fellow autism dad who requested I pass this on for the information of other autism families. I am happy to do this as currently LA’s are simply not reaching out to people living with autism.
I hear statements every week from professionals that are at best their interpretation of policy but are driven more by the limits of the service rather than being helpful or inclusive in nature. At very least we require to ask the questions and query a service based interpretation of policy and legislation.
“Duncan. My son attends a school by virtue of a placing request. We drive him there. South Lanarkshire Council refused travel costs as it was a placing request. They maintained this refusal for 18 months. Please point out to people that the Council is responsible for any and all costs involving a disabled child’s attendance at school, even if it is as a result of a placement request..”
Thank you for this Frank. I hope it allows others to ask and challenge service providers and education authorities.

The picture is from a letter of apology from an education head of service. I decided to spare naming and shaming this time.


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