The calm after the storm.


In recent times I have written about Andy’s chronic hyperactivity and the impact that this has had both on him and the rest of our family.
This week has witnessed a change in Andy’s behaviour and activity level. He has been calmer generally I suppose you would say. Calmer and more sedentary and settled. His sleep has improved and he has been less agitated.
Whilst this is a change we have seen before, it is rather rare. Theories abound regarding why this change has happened. Perhaps he is ‘ under the weather’ or simply worn out by the level of activity and lack of sleep over the last weeks. While these are possible reasons I also think the change of season is linked in some way or other. Looking back over the years this type of change has probably been more common in autumn and winter months.
Currently Andy is happy enough but simply seems more comfortable in and around his bedroom and home. He has been snuggling up with us on the settee and watching TV or interacting with Bailey. I think we are all benefiting from both the rest and relative normality of family life.
Like all autism households we just have to go with the flow, stay on the rollercoaster ride, enjoy the good bits and cope with the challenges.


3 thoughts on “The calm after the storm.

  1. Hello Duncan!
    You may not remember me ,but you stayed with my family (John Griffin) in New York as a kid for a few days with Shaun Kennedy. We just reconnected and he shared your web site. I work in Special Education and my friend has two sons with autism. She is a wealth of information and contacts in the states that might be great for the site . I will pass your site along to her. Hope to hear from you !
    Betsy Griffin-Vesely

    • How brilliant to hear from you Betsy, my where has the time went!?
      Thank you for this. My blog as you will see is rather multifaceted! I need to off load sometimes and challenge policy and give different perspectives. Generally my aim is to raise basic awareness and promote acceptance of neuro diversity and to give a voice to the feelings of many people living with autism. The Social Enterprise is my way of not feeling helpless about autism and using my professional skills and knowledge to help other families. I am incredibly busy at Inspired by Autism.
      I also work have the week as a social worker/ trainer.
      I hope you and yours are all doing ok? The football trips to the states now seem like such a long time ago.
      Shaun and I , well our friendship has endured and he is to this day my closest friend. I am so looking forward to going out to Germany with my family in March.
      Sorry for going on I grew into a very chatty person for someone who was so shy as a child! Thank you for getting in touch X

      • Well Inguess “social ” is at the root of social worker! We may be planning a trip to Scotland this summer(depending on how much we owe the tax man!) I will definitely share your site. My cousin’s daughter just got diagnosed and it is challenging. Keep in touch ! I left my e-mail on the site!

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