Letting off steam.

img_1527Sometimes I just need my blog to let me vent. This isn’t a post that will be widely responded to or that seeks to raise awareness ( beyond the plight of an autism family at least). No it’s just some stuff I need to off load. That ok? Thanks.

There has been a few low points since I last wrote here. The kind of moments when you realise that lots of folk simply don’t give a fuck about autism and disabilities. It can be very hard not to see it as a snub, a disrespect, an ignorance of my son’s life and of our lives as Carers. I see a lack of the ability to care from folk who really should. We all should but the ones that are paid to care really, really should. Even if it’s just a charade, they should still go through the motions. I insist.

This week has witnessed the rejection of 6 months of work and effort that I have put in to try and contribute to making the world a better place for children with autism.
A combination of apathy, red tape and well just nastiness based on ignorance and insecurity has sunk my attempts to try and have a voice and a little influence at a local level. In a system whose rhetoric extols the desire to and greatness of embracing partnership working with autistic people and their families the truth is the opposite sadly. It appears that a parents perspective has no place in our local schools sadly.

The local screening of an acclaimed and powerful film about autism shown as part of a film festival in our town and some discussion thereafter attracted only a handful of folk . I understand entirely that those living with autism often can’t get away, Jen covered to let me attend and contribute but it would have been nice to see some of the councillors or our MSP , perhaps some of those highly paid professionals who dictate policy come along and support it. Even if they were simply going through the motions.

The poor treatment of autistic people in an often failing or completely failed system continues and without awareness and acceptance it won’t get better.

The onset of winter is hard and the short dark days affect me more than I care to admit sometimes but the hardest thing of all is the lack of respect or worth shown towards my precious boy.


p.s. Thanks to Ken Clark for picture.   http://www.kenclarkphotography.co.uk/

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