“Tis the night before Christmas “


2017 has been a hard year for Andy as he has appeared to struggle with emotions, puberty and hormonal changes. Thankfully the last week has saw a marked improvement in his general demeanour however, and we are hopeful of a calm festive period and a continued improvement for him.
This time of year must be very overwhelming for many autistic people and Andy appears confused and at times almost trapped in the events around him.

“Christmas decorations and lights all around
Parcels, tinsel, sweets ,cards abound”

Andy often seeks refuge in his bedroom from the excitement that is going on and it is important that he has this space to restore his calmness and to escape any unwanted stimulation.

“My brother and sister cry with glee,
While it’s all a bit of puzzle for me”

Tomorrow it is unlikely that Andy will get out of bed early to open his presents but of course that is fine. We will attempt to contain the noise and joy of his siblings downstairs and let him stay in his current sleep routine.

“Excitement and fun the main sound
But normal routine cannot be found”

We will, as always try to accommodate and meet the needs and wishes of all our children over the festive period. A respect for neuro-diversity and tolerance of individuals need for flexibility must surely reflect an appropriate Christmas message?

“ So please have a thought also for me,
And if I don’t join in, just let me be”

May your Christmas be full of love, peace, tolerance and respect .
Merry Christmas X


One thought on ““Tis the night before Christmas “

  1. Duncan beautiful words and so true. Andy as all your children are blessed with loving caring parents like you and Jenny. Beautiful people.

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